Brainjobs was the project that started our company. It is a marketplace platform connecting companies with polish tech talent. Back in 2015 companies only had two options when looking for tech talent: job boards or recruiting agencies. Our goal was to give them a third middle option that will help build a good recruiting experience.

Tech Stack



2 Backend developers Marketer Content writer Designer Product manager


We started from building functionality for our supply side which was talent. We built a system that allowed us to create profiles which were an electronic version of a CV. For the talent that did not want to fill in the data to build a CV we have build an internal ATS based on heavily modified and automated Trello board.

For our companies we have built a dashboard were they could create job offers, see what talent is matching their description as well as exchange massages with potential candidates.

To match both sides we have built a matching algorithm that was using the data from the electronic profile and a job description provided by companies. The algorithm used multiple of data points with various priorities to match both sides accurately.

Platform features

Candidate profile Talent Management Salary calculator Company profile Job offer distribution Matching


In order to attract users we created an online salary calculator that allowed checking programmer salary. This brought 500 new users in 24 hours. The platform eventually grew to over 2000 programmers and several companies using it. Among the customers were one of the strongest Polish fintech companies as well as the largest games producer in Poland.

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