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Lingroom founders wanted to tackle a fragmented language tutoring market in Poland. Students had problems finding and properly assessing tutors while tutors had to operate in a grey legal area and had issues organizing their calendar.
The goal was to build a two-sided marketplace an make the relationship between the student and tutor seamless. Lingroom needed a partner that not only has the technical capabilities but also experience in developing marketplaces.

Tech Stack



2 Backend developers 1 Front end developer Mobile developer Designer Product manager


There were five major development milestones. Our collaboration started with a simple POC (Proof of Concept) to test the idea. Once the tests proved successful the decision was made to commence the development of the whole platform.

Supply and demand side profiles were built from the beginning to allow the business to attract first users and build liquidity while the platform is still being developed.

Once the profiling was ready the team focused on enabling the interactions between the users by building a booking system, internal chat as well as a discovery function. Additionally, an Android app was built for teachers so they can manage their schedule on the go.

During the fourth phase, integrations were built with payment, accounting, email and SMS systems. A custom document flow system that was automatically signing contracts between users and manage payments and taxes.

Platform features

User Profiles Booking system Chat Fraud prevention Payments Document Flow Search Email / SMS notification


In order to assist Lingroom not only in the development of the platform but also in attracting first users. Braincode performed scraping of competitors websites in order to better understand the user base. We also built a salary calculator for tutors that worked as a lead magnet. for the platform. Currently, there are already couple of thousand language tutors and students using the platform.

Igor Nagaev
Founder, CEO Igor Nagaev

The platform garnered positive feedback from users. Globally, other sites exist with a similar mission and the site developed by BrainCode is comparable to the best of them. Progress came with a few delays and challenges with resource quality, but the counterbalance is steadfast support.

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