LockalFuchs is an platform owned by Nordkurier Mediengrupp that promotes trade and local cooperation. The platform allows users to browse through deals of local companies. You can also see local events and sign up for them.

Tech Stack



Front end developer Mobile developer Product manager


Web and mobile application of the platform was initially developed by a third party. LocalFuchs approached us because they were approaching an official announcement of the platform however it did not function properly.

Our team started by performing a code review of both web and mobile applications. We were able to identify areas of improvement to make all the customer facing applications to be stable and perform properly.

After the audit our team started on code refactoring and fixing all the issues as well as adding several new features.

Platform features

Code refractoring New features Bug fixing


Team was able to finish all the work before the official announcement of the platform. Currently, the application is widely used by local citizens of Neubrandenburg.

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