Tenderscout started as Software-as-Service business in B2G area. Platform is helping companies to make it easy access and discover public tenders around the world. In order a platform to a next level it was decided to build SaaS-enabled marketplace on top of the core system. The goal was to help companies and consultants collaborate during the tendering process.

Tech Stack



2 Backend developers 2 Front end developers Designer Product manager


The goal was to rebuild the platform from scratch both its core system and create a new design to make it more appealing and intuitive for a user.

We migrated various databases from MongoDB (over 4 million tenders) to PostgreSQL that was better suited Tenderscout case. The data about tenders was scraped from various sources around the globe. Special purpose API server was created to receive data from scrapers and populate the database.

On the front-end side we wanted to completely redesign the system, so we used material design approach. It had to be easy to navigate and work with. Users had the ability to search for tenders around the globe and analyze how prepared are they for the particular tender to increase their bidding changes.

We added a marketplace element companies could search for potential partners and consultants that could help them in the bidding process.

Platform features

User Profiles Task management Marketplace API server Tender analytics Tender search Collaboration Data migration


The platform MVP was delivered in 6 months first users are already populating the platform. Tenderscout is preparing to enter US market.

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