Our workflow

  • 1. Concept assesment

    We will discuss your ideas and asses your idea and discuss the process, so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    1. Concept assesment
  • 2. Business goals discussion

    Together we will define your business goals to align our approach to the project

    2. Business goals discussion
  • 3. Project Scoping

    Business goals from technical perspective. Full tech & business understanding. We translate the business goals into a scope of the MVP. The result would be the initial ballpark estimation

    3. Project Scoping
  • 4. Specification development

    Detailed product and delivery spec. - Roadmap, user stories… We develop processes, choose product technology, user stories and prepare a roadmap of the development

    4. Specification development
  • 5. Sprint 0

    We decompose user stories into backlog, set up the infrastructure and environments. Project management processes are established at this stage as well.

    5. Sprint 0
  • 6. Delivery process

    UX and IU design is created before the start of development. Features are the built based on the design with responsiveness in mind. After each development stage quality assurance is performed to make sure everything works flawlessly.

    6. Delivery process
  • 7. Release

    The app is released and can be tested with users to gather feedback and to analyze the results.

    7. Release
  • 8. Business goals overview

    Retrospective is being run to compare the results with the business goals and make the necessary adjustments.

    8. Business goals overview
  • 9. Ongoing support

    We can provide all necessary maintenance and support work for your application to ensure stability and security.

    9. Ongoing support

Our team

Anton Koval

Anton Koval


Experienced Project Manager with over 8 years in product development. With an awesome background in Foreign Direct Investments, Anton can connect you with the right people to get your project the extra funding it may need.

Anton Rogachevskyi

Anton Rogachevskyi


With over 10 years of experience in Web & Mobile Development, Anton has a solid background in managing distributed dev teams around the globe and over 40 successful projects in emerging industries. He’s the Product Manager assigned to your project and makes sure all functionalities do what they need to are are delivered on time.