BrainCode Case Study: Transforming Cruise Experience with a Mobile App
Anton Rogachevskyi
BrainCode Case Study: Transforming Cruise Experience with a Mobile App

At BrainCode, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge software solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. In this case study, we delve into our experience crafting a state-of-the-art touristic application for a renowned cruise company. However, due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we are unable to disclose the client’s name or specific budgetary details. Nevertheless, the insights and strategies shared here offer a glimpse into our innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Project Overview

In the ever-evolving world of tourism, cruise companies constantly seek innovative ways to enhance the travel experience for their passengers. With the rise of digital technology, travelers have grown accustomed to having information at their fingertips, expecting seamless and intuitive solutions to their on-the-go needs.


The Need for a Digital Companion

For our Scottish cruise company client, the challenge was clear: How could they provide their passengers with a digital tool that not only met but exceeded these modern travel expectations? The company envisioned an iOS mobile app that would serve as a personal travel companion for tourists, guiding them through the picturesque cities along the cruise route.

BrainCode Case Study: Transforming Cruise Experience with a Mobile App

Key Requirements

  1. Interactive Map Functionality: Tourists needed a reliable and user-friendly map feature that would allow them to navigate unfamiliar cities with ease. This feature would highlight key attractions, dining spots, and historical sites, ensuring that travelers could make the most of their limited on-shore time.
  2. Entertainment Suggestions: Beyond just navigation, the app would offer personalized entertainment suggestions based on user preferences. Whether they were in the mood for a traditional Scottish dance show or a quiet cafe with a view, the app would have recommendations ready.
  3. Information Catalogs: To enrich the travel experience, the app would provide detailed catalogs on local history, culture, and traditions. This feature aimed to transform tourists into informed travelers, giving them a deeper appreciation of the places they visited.
  4. Touristic Help Center: Recognizing that challenges can arise during travel, the app would feature a help center. This would offer immediate assistance for common tourist queries, from local emergency numbers to language translation tools.


The BrainCode Solution

With a clear understanding of the challenge, BrainCode set out to develop an iOS app that would seamlessly integrate these features. Leveraging the Composable Mobile approach, the team was confident in delivering a solution that was both cost-effective and timely, ensuring that the Scottish cruise company could offer its passengers an unparalleled travel experience.

Introduction to Composable Mobile

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile application development, efficiency, scalability, and adaptability are not just buzzwords — they are necessities. BrainCode’s Composable Mobile approach is designed to meet these needs head-on, offering a revolutionary way to build robust and feature-rich applications.

What is Composable Mobile?

Composable Mobile is an innovative development methodology that functions like a well-organized construction set. It relies on pre-developed, configurable modules that are ready to be assembled, tested, and deployed. Think of it as building a house using pre-made bricks, doors, windows, and roof tiles, but in this case, the house is your mobile application, and the construction elements are code modules.

How Does It Work?

The approach begins with a library of pre-tested modules that cover a wide range of functionalities, from user authentication and payment processing to advanced features like real-time notifications and geolocation services. These modules are designed to be plug-and-play, meaning they can be easily integrated into any project, thereby reducing the development time and associated costs.

For our Scottish cruise company client, Composable Mobile was the ideal solution. It allowed us to build an iOS app complete with a solid map feature, entertainment suggestions, information catalogs, and a touristic help center, all while achieving significant savings in time and budget.

Introduction to Accelerator Program

In a world where time is of the essence and delivering value quickly is paramount, BrainCode’s Accelerator Program stands as a game-changer. Built on the foundation of our Composable Mobile approach, the Accelerator Program aims to kickstart your project by rapidly building its initial structure, thereby allowing for important clarifications and requirement changes at a very early stage.


What is the Accelerator Program?

The Accelerator Program is a fast-track initiative designed to provide immediate value to our clients. We call it the “Value First” approach. By utilizing pre-developed, configurable application modules from our Composable Mobile library, we can quickly assemble the core structure of your application, allowing you to see a working model in record time.

For our project with the Scottish cruise company, the Accelerator Program was instrumental in rapidly developing an initial app structure. This not only provided immediate value but also allowed for crucial adjustments to be made early in the project lifecycle, ensuring a smoother development process down the line.



BrainCode Case Study: Transforming Cruise Experience with a Mobile App

BrainCode Case Study: Transforming Cruise Experience with a Mobile App


The true measure of any project’s success lies in the tangible benefits it delivers. In the case of our iOS mobile app development for the Scottish cruise company, the results were nothing short of remarkable. Below, we outline the key achievements made possible through BrainCode’s Composable Mobile approach and Accelerator Program.


Budget Efficiency: 25% Cost Reduction

One of the most compelling outcomes was the significant cost savings achieved. By leveraging our Composable Mobile approach, we were able to cut the project’s budget by 25%. The reusability and plug-and-play nature of our pre-developed modules eliminated the need for building features from scratch, thereby reducing labor hours and associated costs.

Key Takeaway: BrainCode’s Composable Mobile approach is not just about technological innovation; it’s also about delivering cost-effective solutions that make financial sense for our clients.


Time-to-Market: 20% Faster Deployment

In today’s fast-paced world, getting your product to market quickly can be a decisive competitive advantage. Our Composable Mobile approach, complemented by the Accelerator Program, enabled us to reduce the time-to-market by 20% compared to other offers the client had received. This expedited timeline allowed the client to capitalize on the tourist season, maximizing their return on investment.

Key Takeaway: Speed and efficiency don’t have to come at the expense of quality. BrainCode ensures that you get the best of both worlds.


Early Stage Value and Project Clarification

Our Accelerator Program was instrumental in providing immediate value to the client. The “Value First” approach allowed for important project clarifications and requirement changes to be made at a very early stage, mitigating risks and avoiding costly alterations later in the development process.

Key Takeaway: Early alignment between a client’s vision and the development process is crucial for the project’s overall success. BrainCode’s Accelerator Program makes this alignment possible right from the get-go.


These results are a testament to the effectiveness of BrainCode’s innovative approaches to mobile app development. Not only did we meet the client’s expectations, but we also exceeded them, delivering a high-quality, feature-rich app while achieving significant savings in both time and budget.


If you’re inspired by the success of this case study and are interested in leveraging BrainCode’s innovative Composable Mobile approach and Accelerator Program for your next mobile app development project, we would love to hear from you.

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