Newsletter Privacy Policy

§ 1 Terms

Newsletter – an electronic, a free of charge service, issued periodically by the provider for the customer. The document contains the information about the recent activities of the company, the news and offers available at the Service.

Service – an internet service, BrainCode, leaded by the Provider at

Provider – Braincode Sp. z o.o.
with its registered seat in Kościerzyna at ul. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 36D/1, entered into the National Court Register [KRS] – register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ [Gdańsk-North] in Gdańsk, 8th Economic Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000593431, NIP number [tax identification number]: 5911697936, REGON number [national company registry number]: 36329980000000, with the seed capital to amount of 5000,00 PLN, represented by: Anton Koval – Chief Executive Officer.

Customer – an entity using the Newsletter service.

§ 2 Newsletter

  • The Customer can voluntarily sign up for the Newsletter service.
  • To use the Newsletter service, it is necessary to own a device with an internet browser, updated to its newest version with the ability to support JavaScript and cookie files. The access to the internet and an active e-mail address is also necessary.
  • The emails sent as a part of this Service will be sent out on to the email address provided by the Customer at the time of signing up to the Newsletter.
  • To conclude the agreement and sign up to the Newsletter, during the registration process on the website, the Customer needs to provide their e-mail address on which they want to receive the e-mails sent out as a part of the service. Thereafter, the Provider will send the verification email to the Customer with a confirmation link. The Customer needs to accept the will to sign up to the Newsletter. Confirming that will by the Customer concludes the agreement, while the Provider is bound to provide the service for the Customer.
  • There will be a direct link with an information about signing out of the newsletter in every email sent out by the Provider to the Customer as the part of the service.
  • The Customer can sign out of the Newsletter without any costs or any particular reason, whenever they want, by using the option stated in Section 5 or by contacting the Provider at
  • Using the sign out link by the Customer or contacting the Provider to state the will of signing out of the Newsletter will result with the immediate dissolving the agreement in terms of providing the service.

§ 3 Complaints

  • Any complaints about the Newsletter service should be reported to the Provider at
  • The Provider is bound to take a stance on the complaint within 14 days since receiving the complaint.

§ 4 Personal data

  • The Provider is the administrator of the data of the Customer while using the Newsletter.
  • The personal details of the Customer are processed and based on the agreement, according to the rules stated in the general decree of the European Parliament and of the Council on the data protection (GDPR). The detailed information on the processing the data by the Provider can be found in the Privacy Policy section at the Service.

§ 5 Final resolutions

  • The Provider reserves the right to make changes of the Terms and Conditions only in case of significant causes. A significant cause can be understood as a need to change the Terms and Conditions because of the changes of the law or modernising the Newsletter.
  • The information about a planned change of the Terms and Conditions will be sent out to the e-mail address of the Customer at least 7 days before making the change.
  • If the Customer will not resist against any planned changes, it is understood that they accept them.
  • In case of the resistance against the planned changes, the Customer should inform the Provider at, which will results with dissolving the agreement at the moment of implementing the Terms and Conditions changes.
  • It is forbidden to supply the illegitimate content by the Customer.