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Best Wallet iPhone application

eWallet & money transfer application. Pay bills and transfer money in one click. Fast & Secure new generation money transfer system
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Few things about

Best Wallet is Fast & Secure new generation money transfer system. With Best Wallet you can transfer money using you phone, make payments is a click and manage you finances.
  • Send or recieve money to any phone number
  • To another wallet of Best Wallet cloud;
  • To your Visa or MasterCard;
  • Protect your wallet with a PIN-code or a fingerprint.
  • The connection is fully secured by the 256-bit algorithm and uses TLS connection.

Applicaion communicate with bank and money transfer processings

Mobile solution

Native Objective-c application with cuttings edge components and technologies

Push Notifications

Push notifications and other Apple services are integrated


High-level security. Secure connections, data encription, jailbreak protection, PIN & TouchID verification.

Unique design

Unique design with intuitive interfaces and great navigation

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