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BrainJobs HR automation platform

BrainJobs makes hiring process automation by smart candidate matching algorithms.
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Automated HR system with smart job matching algorithms and powerful user profiling. BrainJobs automation allows saving 40% on recruitment time by matching candidates from the internal database with a job offers.
  • HR-Tech
    Candidate matching automation with a flexible configurator
  • Web solution
    Responsive, cross-browser web application, optimized, adapted for SEO and marketing
  • Infographics
    Infographics generation algorithms allow making infographics from data with a click

Candidate matching automatisation with a flexible configurator

Web solution

Responsive, cross-brawser web application, Optimized, adapted for SEO and marketing


Infographics generation alogrithms make infographics from data in a click

User profiling

Powerful user profiling, configured profile structure for different users

Internal messaging

inApp chat to make communication as easy as possible. Facebook and Google+ integrations

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