Working with remote developers – Benefits?

Working with remote developers - Benefits?

What’s your image of the average remote developer? Is it someone who wakes up late, checks emails with a coffee, takes the dog for a work, does a little work etc.

Let’s dispel that myth right here, right now.

Individuals who believe being a remote lets you ‘work’ like this, don’t last long. Those who manage remote teams of developers are aware that they can’t keep a physical eye on everyone, all the time. So a good product manager has to keep his team accountable. A good manager knows what his team members can accomplish in a set time, and makes sure they accomplish it. Being a remote worker does not mean you can slack off.

Remote Work Happiness

How happy would you be, if you could roll out of bed, grab your laptop and join in on your daily team meeting – while still wearing your underwear. This report from TinyPulse tells us some incredible information about remote employees and happiness. University of Warwick found that a happy employee is 12% more productive. A better worker can constantly improve the way he or she works to increase their workloads. When a team  of individuals work like this, the team accomplishes more, in a shorter amount of time.

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Global Talents

One other benefit of remote working is that employees can be based all over the world.  Many remote teams have people spread out through multiple time zones. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that this is an inconvenience, but think about it… A remote team of developers spread out over multiple time zones, means your job is getting round-the-clock attention. 

Creativity can strike at any moment. If you have a great idea for your software at 3am, you can tell it directly to someone who is working on your project at that very moment.  Found a bug or some kind of issue after the launch of your software?  You can be sure that someone is there 24/7 to solve it.

Remote dev teams are built with the best talent available

– Borders are non-existent with a remote team.

– Some American startups employ the best Eastern European developers – with neither party ever leaving the country.

– Poland in particular rank 4th in the TopCoder ranking of best developers – the highest of any Eastern European country.

– As the New York Times reports, over 40% of Poles in the primetime of their career (aged between 25 and 34) have university degrees, compared to 11% in the US.  Poland is also ranked 11th in the world in English proficiency.

So rather than a manager settling for the best PHP developer in the Manchester area (39-45k £), he can use the skills of a PHP developer in Wroclaw, Minsk, or Tallinn (20-25k £).

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